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At one point or another we have become insecure with ourselves and uncomfortable in our own skin. Its almost like one day you wake up and realize how out of hand things have gotten for you and now you have no idea how to start what seems to be an impossible task.


Some of you may have tried time and time again just to fail at all attempts of getting healthy and happy. You're not alone! The intimidation of not knowing what you're doing coupled with a standard gym setting with people judging you at a glance is more than enough to discourage the most confident person. 

Thats where Body Blueprint comes in! We are a fitness studio designed to get you going and keeping you on track while motivating you to accomplish your goals! No matter what program type you choose or fitness level you are there will always be a trainer near by to help guide you through every step of the way.


-Christie Estadt

Owner Body Blueprint PTC