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For every pound lost, we donate a pound of food!  

Body Blueprint Personal Training Company & BBP Nutrition is partnering with the McAuley House to help local families in need!

This is a 21 day AB challenge which starts November 2nd.  For every pound of weight you lose we will donate in food to the Catherine McAuley Center. Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a difference in your local community and help others by helping yourself.

This program doesn't work unless you do! No worries, we got you covered! Whether you're comfortable coming in studio or would like to do this from the comfort of your own home, we got you! 

Challenge options


"Nutrition is such a crucial part of any successful exercise program, so much so that in 2019 I created BBP Nutrition to get my clients great results that will last life time. BBP Nutrition offers protein supplements, meal planing as well as nutrition coaching.  With this winning combination I'm excited to see what results await for you!" 

-Christie Estadt
Owner/ Trainer

Facebook  Only 

All content will be posted daily in our private Facebook group, every thing from workouts to nutrition advice. Communicate with each other and share experience while staying accountable! This option consists of 21 days of core works, daily nutrition advise and tips on how to get the most out of the challenge. We will also have resources to help  you set up MyFitnessPal to log your nutrition, determining calories and breakdown of foods. If time is a issue this is just for you! Do the workouts when it's the best time for you!   



This option is best if you are not comfortable coming into the studio or doing the workouts on your own.  Get the guidance of a trainer during real time workouts via zoom in the comfort of your own home! This includes all of the above Facebook resources, along with 2 days of Zoom training sessions with a personal trainer and 1 accountability/nutrition meeting weekly (3 meetings total). If you are just starting out in your fitness journey we highly recommend this option to get the most out of your workouts and nutrition.  

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In Studio

This option is for all fitness levels! Whether you're starting out, have a per-existing injury or have been hitting the gym for some time and feel stuck; we will get you on the right path and help you start getting results again! We offer unlimited in studio training sessions, 3 accountability/ nutrition meetings and access to all Facebook resources. During your 21 days you will get a better understanding of basic movement and how to get the most out of your workouts. With every program nutrition is key to getting the best results for you! We tailor your nutrition for you, no one else! This is our highest quality option that will yelled the most results! 

Let's do this!