Are you up for a challenge?

The Journey starts with you

Here at body Blueprint Personal Training Co. we start with you. Every one is different, and we all have different goals we want to reach. The first thing we need to do is find out what your fitness goals are, then we can lay out the path to success. Some of the best results start and end with you, but don't worry this will be a guided journey with an expert guide to help coach, motivate and most of all succeed. 

This isn't just another challenge this is a proven method to help you reach your fitness goals. We have helped hundreds of people just like you, no matter if this is your first time trying out a fitness program or you have been working out for years and just cant seem to break through a plateau; we will help you reach your fitness goals. 

Here are just a couple of our success stories






joined BBP and started my 28 day challenge just at the end of the summer. I've always been into health, fitness, and trendy diets, but when the pandemic hit I 'let myself go' and the weight started packing on. By late summer, I was feeling really down on myself and realized that I needed to get myself back on track, but had no motivation. My aunt suggested I try her gym, BBP. I looked them up on FB and saw the 28 Day Challenge. It was perfect timing! From the moment I met with my accountablity coach, I knew that this challenge would be something I could execute and stick to, and paired with my membership to the small group trainings at BBP, I was feeling confident that I was headed in the right direction. My accountability coach provided me with everything I needed to be successful, including a grocery list, a super simple meal plan, access to an accountability app, weekly meetings, and tons of support whenever I needed it. All of the trainers at BBP were also fantastic and offered advice and tips, and the community of members there have been a huge support base and source of inspiration. I lost 8 pounds during my 28 day challenge and several inches. But most important, I gained motivation, mindfulness, and a whole lot of self-confidence! Joining BBP and the 28 day challenge is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I couldn't be more happy with the direction I'm heading in now.






I decided to join BBP because I was ready to make a change in my overall health. I have always been very active and was physically in good shape for most of my life. When I went back to grad school I developed some bad eating and lifestyle habits that caused me to gain weight. I just overall felt terrible about myself and just could not lose the weight or get into a consistent workout routine at home. I realized it was time to look at other options. My sister-in-law had told me what a great experience she had at Body Blueprint and I decided to make that first consultation meeting with Christie. At my first meeting I joined BBP and started the 28 day challenge. This provided me with accessibility to workouts, nutrition and accountability meetings. Christie made the process of signing up so easy and took my goals into mind. My accountability coach created a nutrition plan that was easy to follow and held me accountable each week to help get me closer to my goal. The trainers have all been knowledgeable and supportive throughout my workouts. I have lost 9 lbs and went down a pants size during the 28 day challenge. I have since signed up for 12 more months of classes. I am not yet at my goal but I continue to get closer each week. I look forward to getting stronger and healthier as my journey continues with BBP.





On Monday September 28 I made a decision to join BBP for a 28 day challenge. I was fed up and discouraged with the struggle to lose weight and back issues. Somethings I have struggled with for years. I sat down with my accountability coach and he looked over what I had been doing and showed where I was making mistakes. Then Christie got me set up for my small group class and assured me I would strengthen my core and all over. I was then introduced to Mike for my first class. He said to me “trust us you will see results.” Sure enough, 28 days later I lost 6lbs and  6 to 7 inches off my body. I could not have been happier. Trust them! I did and I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring.

Whats in the challenge? 

In studio

Unlimited in studio workouts in a small group setting 


Virtual small group 2x a week

Our branded APP

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We partnered up with Trainerize this year to help give our clients every tool possible to help them reach their goals. With this app we can track all your progress and keep your information in one place, but thats not the best part! You have access to your progress 24/7. You can even integrate your smart watch or Fitbit so we can track your daily caloric expeditor. This takes a lot of the guessing out of your programming and helps us set a clear path to success.

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"What good is all this technology without a personal touch? "


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Nothing can take away from a one on one personal conversation. Even with all the apps and exercising programing it can be hard for us to stay on the right track. Thats why we I give you an accountability meeting each week with a trainer, whether you're in studio or remote we give you the opportunity to chat with a trainer about the things that matter to you. When you reach a roadblock or find yourself wanting to stray from the path your trainer will be your true north and help keep you on track whether is your nutrition or exercise program. 


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Have you tried a nutrition program before only to feel like you wasted money when you didn't get the results you wanted?

Eating is something we all enjoy doing and it should be something that brings you closer to your goals. We make your nutrition as enjoyable as possible and give you the tools to be successful. Our program is simple and straight forward. We help give you the knowledge to choose the right foods at the right times, no more going out to eat and thinking you can't enjoy yourself, no crazy meal plan someone with no taste gives you.












We give you access to our BBP nutrition page; it's full of great recipes and meal planning ideas, but most importantly we bring you in to our nutrition community with fellow members who are on the same journey as you. The bottom line is we make nutrition fun and delicious! 



Your success is our number one priority and we mean it! 

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What happens at the end? 

At the end of the challenge we will have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses so you can keep on the path to success! Whether its nutrition, accountability or exercise we will give you a detailed one on one meeting to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

This program doesn't work unless you do! Come see what Body Blueprint has to offer and take the 28 challenge. 

Call today to schedule a free consultation and see what waits for you at the end of your journey.