Now Is Your Chance To Change Your Life And Be

a Healthier and Happier you!



And Boost Your Confidence

In Just  28 Days

















Combine your Semi-Private Training with Small Group Training 3-5x a Week

Each one of our workouts lasts only 45-60 minutes which means they are fast, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules.

These sessions are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster. PLUS they will leave you
feeling energized each time you leave.


Follow Our Simple Nutrition Program!

Who says healthy eating has to be

confusing or tasteless?













These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable, and will prove to you that healthy eating can be
​delicious as well as nutritious!

You will also be a part of a private group led by our nutritionist where you will get great tips and can ask any questions or address concerns.




Unlimited Group Personal Training Sessions For 28 Consecutive Days. With over fourty hours of flexible session times to choose from per week, it's now easy to make the time for your workouts.

2 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions Each Week where you will focus on your specific goal with your trainer.












28 Days of Fat Burning Meal Plans that will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are.


Fitness Assessments that will

track your strength levels

throughout this challenge

after all, strong is the

new sexy ;)












​Unlimited Support & Accountability from the Body Blueprint VIP Private Facebook Page that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.  









Normally, if you were to work with us in a Private setting for 28 Days you would be paying over $800 to get amazing results - and people have paid this on numerous occasions and been fine with it because of the results they got in such a short period of time...
You can claim your spot in our 28 Day
Hot Mama Makeover Program right now for just $399.  That is 8 Amazing Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions and UNLIMITED Small Group Training Sessions! That's a HUGE value!  This is the best value and highest return - but if you prefer a private setting or small group only we can accomodate you!
​Just click the button for options!

HERE IS THE SPECIAL PRICE... $149!  This does not include the Semi-Private Sessions (which I recommend) - but you get all the perks in a Small Group Setting!



I mean much is that 10-20 pounds of fat off of your body worth to you? 
How much is walking into work and having everyone in the office compliment the way you look worth to you? Priceless.

Then, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but body fat!
It only takes 3-5 days a week to get in incredible shape and drop some unwanted body fat for the same amount you spend binge-watching Netflix! And if you don't get any results from our program -


YOU DON'T PAY A DIME! That's right...The BEST part is that this program comes with a risk-free money back guarantee. 
If you do not reach your set goals at the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund...No Hassle...No Hard Feelings.That is how confident I am that you will absolutely LOVE the
Hot Mama Makeover Program 



We know what you are thinking right now...
"What makes this
Hot Mama Makeover different than all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"
And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...
Bottom line is that 
we are the only program in your local area that will offer you results or your money back. Not to mention a fun and supportive environment that will help ease some of the "nerves" of trying something new.
But if you want a true comparison of why we are different and why our programs work so well, check the chart below...




 Hi, I'm Christie, the owner of Body Blueprint. I have changed many lives in this area through our system.
My team and I have been running the fitness programs responsible for helping people, just like you, safely lose pounds of unwanted fat in a short amount of time.
In fact, as you can see in the pictures below my clients are pretty darn happy with their fitness and fat loss results. 
And what they're even happier about is how quickly they lost the weight.



Now, if you are actually reading this part of the page, I am going to assume that you want to be a hot mama no matter your age!
If you are a mom then you know that everyone else's needs come before yours. That is the code that every mother lives by - Family first, then if time permits and you are lucky, you can maybe do something for yourself.  As a matter of fact,
whether you are a mom or not this still holds true for all women!
Am I right?
We totally understand and respect this, but we feel it's about time someone took care of YOU for a change!  So that is why we have decided to launch a 28 day Hot Mama Makeover program. 

The way it works is simple...

  • Attend 1-3 of our high energy workouts per week for 28 consecutive days

  • Enjoy 2 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions per week 

  • Follow our simple and customizable meal plans that make healthy eating enjoyable

  • Track and log your results until the end of the program​


Now I know, you still might be a little skeptical... 
​I know I would be if I were you.

You're probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.
I want you to know something... 
I am here for you, my coaches are here for you and most importantly, all of our members are here for you - we are a family.
As a matter of fact many of our members below had that same skepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their transformations. 


NOTE: Feel free to come in and actually meet these people and hear their stories - they are REAL people just like you!

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